Use the same equipment that the U.S. Olympic Team and the NCAA use to take the guess work out your training regimen and get your results faster! Metabolic testing allows you to understand the exact energy needs of your body and setup the “ultimate” cardiovascular training program while eating according to your metabolism. This service is highly recommended if you are preparing for a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon or any other event.

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✔ Clinical Testing Environment

✔ Real World Results

✔ No Guess Work

✔ Scientific Based Programs

✔ Complete Workout/Diet Plans

✔ All the work is done for you!


VO2 Max Testing is the only true measure of the functional capacity for the cardiovascular system. Performing the test under the supervision of our Exercise Science staff, you can receive a customized cardiovascular program that can help you lose weight, get in shape, or train for an event. RMR testing allows us to understand your metabolic rate; so you can follow a nutrition plan based on your test results as well as learn what you need to do to increase your metabolism.

In our testing on clients, we have seen astonishing results to their advantage. For example, Jane Doe** trains three days a week with her trainer, minimal cardio and no specific diet plan. In a span of only a few months, her metabolism improved 18%, she burns 57% more grams of fat per day, and absorbs 51ml/minute more oxygen; oxygen is absorbed into the body and supports the metabolism by stimulating the fat burning process.

**Clients names are anonymous due to HIPPA Privacy Rule.