A.M. Total Being Fitness offers one on one training, wellness coaching, as well as top notch service, science and education and results through assessing, progressing and reassessing.

True Physical Fitness is a balance of the following 7 aspects:

  • Flexibility – Range of Motion, Circulation, Injury, Prevention
  • Nutrition – Diet, Water, and Supplementation
  • Strength – Force Production, Metabolism, and Bone
  • Power – Ability to explode, Speed
  • Cardio – Oxygen Consumption, and Waste Product Elimination
  • Core – Stability and Structure
  • Muscle Endurance – Fat Oxidation and Efficiency

We have over 20 proprietary training programs designed to give you true physical fitness. If you want demanding training and measurable results, we will test you, support you, and hold you accountable for obtaining your goals.

This package includes:

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