Much of the food convenience we have today is not always the best option when it comes to eating healthy. On top of that, we are also not well trained on how much to eat, when to eat, and choosing what to eat.

Imagine if you could get some needed clarity around food and have the food you eat support your health goals? That’s why we offer Nutrition Counseling. We want you to be empowered around the choices you make, why you make them, and get your results.

We can determine what type of metabolism you have and calculate how many calories you need each day based on the combination of physical activity, sleep, etc. This allows us to tailor your diet to fit the goals you have plus make sure you feel nourished.

This is an art and a science.

We know, it seems like a BIG DEAL and maybe at first you’ll experience it that way. A habit is something you develop, not something you are born with. Once you feel the difference you will make the change and start choosing more often the food that’s best for you. We see this all the time.

Nutrition is not new, we simply need to eat from the Earth and the sea, make sure it’s wild or organic, whether it is meat, vegetables or fruit.  It sounds simple because it is.