From the beginning, we are thorough in our evaluation and assessment of your entire being. We look at 5 areas of fitness to give us the entire story of where you are at in life and what’s the next step towards your personal goals. Here’s a breakdown of the physical component of our assessment:


  1. Full Health History
  2. Exercise Background
  3. Referral to a top cardiologist to assess your heart and arterial health
  4. Resting Metabolism Test
  5. Nutrition and Diet Plan
  6. Body Fat Composition
  7. Circumference Measurement
  8. Flexibility
  9. Muscle Strength and Muscle Endurance Test based on lean mass
  10. Active Metabolic Test
  11. Personal Cardiovascular Program Design
  12. Total Being Test (part of your wellness assessment) and diets for you Total Being Health
  13. iHeart testing

We assess in Week 1, we progress in Week 5 and we reassess in Week 8 to ensure results and accountability.

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