As of 2001, the average healthcare costs per employee was a little over $4,000. In only a decade, that number has nearly tripled! According to Gallup polls, U.S. companies lose an estimated 153 billion dollars a year in losses due to depression, illness, job related stress, and absenteeism. We argue that number is a gross underestimate because it does not include the cost of presenteeism (the lack of employees being focused and performing at optimal levels). Research indicates that for every dollar spent on a wellness program, companies receive a 300% ROI. Having employees involved in a wellness program can mean working out at fitness studios.


When applying the Total Being Fitness philosophy in a corporate environment, we do more than simply increase productivity and reduce healthcare costs. Those are great results by themselves, but we see outcomes such as:

  • Having people in companies understand that they have an important role and purpose in the company and their day-to-day focus is key to performance and makes a difference for others
  • Developing a corporate sense of awareness for other co-workers and being mindful of energy/time wasting behaviors
  • Dramatically increasing the level of happiness, satisfaction, and self-worth
  • Having the workplace culture be a natural expression of what’s possible in community

By training employees to become more aware of themselves through Total Being Fitness, they and those around them become more mindful of themselves and their environment. People experience more life and are energized. It contributes to overall corporate wellness when employees’ work productivity is increased, leading to the corporation’s success. We want you and your co-workers to not only be physically fit, but to experience Total Being Fitness!


Contact us today to look at starting a corporate wellness program for your workplace—Total Being Fitness style!

Anthony Moses is available for motivational speaking engagements.

Previous clients include:

  • Detroit Lions
  • Oakwood Hospital
  • Providence Hospital
  • DMC
  • R. L. Polk
  • Detroit City Council
  • PSCU

We are currently working with IHS and Detroit Labs.