1. Do you want to change? – Really change?

    Step 1. How not to change:                                   Eat badly for 3 days, good for 2 days, ok for 2 days                                    Repeat cycle for 30 days                                   You will stay the same   Step 2.  Eat badly for 30 days.  In 60 days you will see the …Read More

  2. Did You Know What Really Causes Weight Gain?

    Stress Causes Inflammation Poor Digestion Causes Inflammation Lack of Water Causes Inflammation Processed Foods Cause Inflammation Bottom Line: Inflammation Causes Weight Gain How to Solve It Pray, journal, meditate, exercise to alleviate stress Drink a minimum of 90 oz. of water a day Eat a lot of greens to decrease inflammation Eat food from the Earth, no processed foods Consume fish oil, Omega …Read More