If you’re an athlete who is looking to make the most of every training session and smash a hard-to-beat personal record, then you need to be looking into VO2 max testing. VO2 max testing is an exceptional measure of overall health and athletic ability, and knowing your VO2 max score will allow you to develop effective and results-oriented training regimens. This area of our blog page contains informative articles and helpful resources pertaining to VO2 max testing in Southfield. If you would like to learn more, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, then get in touch with our personal training center at 248-213-6341 or by using our online contact form.

  1. All About VO2 Max Testing

    Serious athletes have undoubtedly heard of VO2 max testing as a means of measuring and improving their athletic abilities. Whether you’re looking to push past a plateau or plan a rigorous training regimen, VO2 max testing is a great resource to use when you’re attempting to burn fat and improve your overall fitness. Seasoned athletes and newcomers can both benefit from VO2 max testing, and in …Read More

  2. Rethink Your Training With VO2 Max Testing

    Athletes of any caliber can have a difficult time pushing through training plateaus. Even with proper periodization, maximum training capacity can be difficult to attain. Many athletes and their coaches are looking for innovative and reliable ways to improve training protocols. VO2 Max Testing and follow-up training regimens are one way in which athletes can take their training to another level. A…Read More

  3. Benefits of VO2 Max Testing Testing

    In a previous blog, we talked about what VO2 Max testing is and what it does for training. Exercising can bring about physical changes in your body, but if you exercise too much or too little you may not see the results you want. That’s where VO2 Max testing comes in. Finding the sweet spot for the amount and level of exercise with VO2 Max testing will give you the ideal results. Working with a …Read More

  4. What is VO2 Max Testing?

    You want to improve your fitness levels efficiently and would like to know how to do it with excellence. This is where VO2 Max testing plays a role. VO2 Max is also known as maximal oxygen consumption, along with other similar names. This form of fitness testing measures your rate of oxygen consumption during prolonged aerobic exercise. Typically a test subject will wear a mask that measures the v…Read More