1. Blood Pressure

    One step to preventing cardiovascular disease is by getting your blood pressure regularly checked. Blood pressure is also known as the “silent killer”, cause without a screening it can go undetected without symptoms, until bigger problems arise, increased blood pressure can also lead to higher risk of heart failure and stroke. Blood Pressure monitor Now that we know the importance of blood pre…Read More

  2. Cardiovascular Step Test and Cardiovascular Treadmill Test

    The Cardiovascular Step and Treadmill tests are part of the assessment process at Total Being Fitness and for a good reason.  First, let’s start with an understanding of the cardio vascular system. The definition of the cardiovascular system is the network of anatomic structures, including the heart and blood vessels that circulate blood throughout the body. The system includes thousands of kil…Read More

  3. Body fat and Circumference Measurements

    Body fat measurement’s are done to test the amount of lean mass(muscle, skin organs, etc.) to fat mass ratio or percentage on your body, circumference measurements is simply put measuring the circumference of each body part. Body fat can be measured many different ways but in the studio we use  B.I.A. and another measuring device called Calipers, B.I.A. sends a small electrical current through …Read More

  4. Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

    Resting heart rate can be defined as the amount of times your heart beats in one minute and blood pressure can be defined as the amount of pressure against the arteries as blood circulates through them, blood pressure is  broken down into two categories the systolic reading(the amount of pressure in the blood vessels when it  beats) and diastolic(the amount of pressure in the blood vessels a…Read More

  5. Flexibility and Mobility

    Flexibility is defined as: the quality of bending easily without breaking, mobility is defined as: the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. Having proper flexibility and mobility allows you to perform exercise, play sports and do daily activities with less risk of injury. “Who wouldn’t like to have a better quality of life?” enjoying to play sports, playing with your kids, or bendi…Read More

  6. Basics: Sleep

      Sleep is one of those things we can only go so long before our body starts talking to us, our eyes are closing and head starts bobbing when we’re seated, we start eating more to feel like we have more energy, we drink more coffee for energy as well. or Sleep, according to the American Sleep Association is a five stage process where we go in and out of REM(rapid eye movement), these other …Read More

  7. Basics: Water

    Basics: Water If you’ve been to Total Being Fitness, I’m sure you’ve been asked or have heard us ask the question “How much water are you drinking?” With good reason, water is the most essential nutrient and most abundant substance. Water makes up 72% of the human body. For everybody who likes numbers, our brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs are about 83% water, the skin…Read More