You want to improve your fitness levels efficiently and would like to know how to do it with excellence. This is where VO2 Max testing plays a role. VO2 Max is also known as maximal oxygen consumption, along with other similar names. This form of fitness testing measures your rate of oxygen consumption during prolonged aerobic exercise. Typically a test subject will wear a mask that measures the volume (V) of oxygen (O2) during active, aerobic exercise, ex. treadmill run. The goal of the testing is to max out the body’s aerobic system to measure the maximum levels of oxygen usage. When this is consistent, even during an increase  of workload, the test subject has reached their VO2 Max level.

The VO2 Max testing results are then calculated and the results show how well the body consumes oxygen during aerobic exercise. This type of testing is used to create more efficient aerobic exercise programs. While the VO2 tests are used for elite athletes to maximize their potential, the VO2 Max testing can be applied by highly trained personal fitness trainers to help clients become more efficient in reaching their goals. Increasing your VO2 Max results can help your body to deliver oxygen to your muscles more efficiently so you can push harder for longer periods of time.

Having a high VO2 Max number doesn’t mean that you will out perform others with a lower number, it just means your body uses oxygen more efficiently. Using the VO2 Max results, our staff at Total Being Fitness can develop a program that will maximize your body’s ability to lose weight. Contact our fitness club for the VO2 Max testing and other physical fitness assessments so you can have an individualized personal fitness program created to help you achieve desired results.