Athletes of any caliber can have a difficult time pushing through training plateaus. Even with proper periodization, maximum training capacity can be difficult to attain. Many athletes and their coaches are looking for innovative and reliable ways to improve training protocols. VO2 Max Testing and follow-up training regimens are one way in which athletes can take their training to another level. A.M. Total Being Fitness in Southfield, MI specializes in metabolic testing, which includes VO2 Max Testing.     

VO2 Max Testing is incredibly beneficial for men and women who put a premium on cardiovascular fitness. Cyclists, runners, swimmers, and military personnel benefit more often from this testing procedure, but any athlete can take the results to improve their training. VO2 Max Testing works by pushing the body to extremes. The entire test is focused on figuring out the efficiency in which the body utilizes oxygen. The higher the VO2 Max, the more efficiently a body utilizes oxygen. This means that the body is efficient at moving oxygen around the body to the moving muscles. Athletes with lower VO2 Max numbers can improve their training by switching up their cardiovascular exercise programs.

While every athlete does not need VO2 Max Testing, many competitive athletes, and individuals who are looking to improve their overall fitness, can benefit from this testing measure. A.M. Total Being Fitness in Southfield, MI will use this testing procedure to create individualized cardiovascular programs for clients. Since no two people are the same, no two training programs should be the same. Contact us today to learn more about VO2 Max Testing.