In a previous blog, we talked about what VO2 Max testing is and what it does for training. Exercising can bring about physical changes in your body, but if you exercise too much or too little you may not see the results you want. That’s where VO2 Max testing comes in. Finding the sweet spot for the amount and level of exercise with VO2 Max testing will give you the ideal results. Working with a personal fitness trainer who understands how to implement your VO2 Max testing results into your workout will help you reach that ideal level of aerobic training. This is only one benefit of this form of fitness assessment.

Another benefit of going through the rigors of this form of testing includes being able to get faster. This is helpful if you are training to meet a goal or qualify for a race. Understanding how your body uses oxygen is helpful in making your body become more efficient. Our personal trainer can utilize results and get an idea of how to increase your speed without pushing your body too hard. Overtraining can lead to injuries, which won’t get you closer to your goal. Including your VO2 Max testing results in your training plan will help you reach the edge of working at the ideal pace.

In addition to the benefit of not pushing too hard, putting the VO2 Max number together with a metabolic assessment and a nutrition plan can push your fitness program to be more effective and efficient. Finally, you can also gain numbers for measurable progress. If you like numbers and being able to quantify your progress beyond body fat testing and time for a 5k distance, this cardiorespiratory fitness assessment will help give you a better measurement for progress.

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