Year after year, we watch helplessly as so many people quit their workout regimes, their diets, and their fitness goals during the holidays, only to come back at the beginning of the year with more weight and less motivation. We care about our clients struggles in every aspect of their lives, and throughout the holidays we work hard to help them persevere. This dedication to your spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and intellectual well-being makes us the only personal training of our kind in Southfield, and our clients’ choice for avoiding those extra holiday pounds.

While we will do our best to help you at the gym, these are some simple tips to get you through those holiday parties without your personal trainer by your side:

Limit party snacks by eating beforehand and keep track of what you do eat. By eating a 200-calorie snack like bananas and peanut butter, you are less likely to reach for every snack in sight. In addition, having to keep track of what you eat at a party will help you limit your intake.

Give yourself a cheat treat. By choosing one treat to indulge in for the night, you can truly enjoy it without risking a total binge.

Don’t drink your calories. We all want to enjoy that champagne, but try not to overindulge with the alcohol. Not only does it give you empty calories, but alcohol makes you crave foods high in fat and carbs.

Never be too busy for your personal training sessions. Work with your personal trainer to figure out times during the holidays where you can come in without interfering with family time. Making a game plan ahead of time will help you stick to your fitness goals later.

Contact us today for more tips on how to stay healthy and maintain your weight goals this holiday season!