Flexibility is defined as: the quality of bending easily without breaking, mobility is defined as: the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. Having proper flexibility and mobility allows you to perform exercise, play sports and do daily activities with less risk of injury.

“Who wouldn’t like to have a better quality of life?” enjoying to play sports, playing with your kids, or bending over to pick up something and not worrying about your lower back.

We perform a flexibility test at the studio(sit and reach) to assess your ability to travel into these certain ranges of motion, while also taking into account of any postural distortions or imbalances(kyphosis or hunched shoulders, external or internal rotation of the feet, etc.) and later move you onto mobility drills for both the upper and lower body, this way you train your body neuro-muscularly to take these new found ranges of motion and program  proper movement patterns into the nervous and muscular system.



Kyphosis of spine(Posture)                                                  Sit and reach test (Flexibility Test)


Internal or External rotation of the feet (Posture)


For proper execution of all movements  you will perform in the gym you will need these qualities. If these qualities(flexibility and  mobility) aren’t present you will notice compensated movement patterns or muscles taking over that really don’t need to be taking the load that they are, an example would be in a Deadlift where people lack proper hip mobility and the lower back ends up taking most of the load as opposed to being shared among the whole back, glutes , and hamstrings with proper stabilization of the lower back and abs. Improper movement patterns repeated over long periods of time create a recipe for injury down the road through muscles compensating for other muscles not doing their job.


This is why at Total Being Fitness the fundamentals must be in place before intensity is kicked into high gear, you don’t to want throw yourself into high gear and be on the fast track down injury lane due to a lack of patience. Build the foundation and  be patient that way you can build the superstructure.


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