The Cardiovascular Step and Treadmill tests are part of the assessment process at Total Being Fitness and for a good reason.  First, let’s start with an understanding of the cardio vascular system. The definition of the cardiovascular system is the network of anatomic structures, including the heart and blood vessels that circulate blood throughout the body. The system includes thousands of kilometers of vessels that deliver nutrients and other essential materials to the fluids surrounding the cells and that remove waste products and convey them to excretory organs.


Now, let’s break this definition down. Your cardiovascular system consists of:

Heart: The heart is the organ that supplies blood and oxygen to all cells of the body, through a series of electrical impulses and filling and pumping actions of blood to make a heartbeat.


Blood Vessels: Blood vessels are a network of hollow tubes that transport blood throughout the body, blood will travel through arteries to smaller blood vessels known as capillaries, and then back to veins. Through this series of circulation there is an exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste products.


Blood: Blood is the carrier of the oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste products listed above. Blood is composed of red and white blood cells, platelets and plasma. Red blood cells are highly concentrated with the oxygen carrying protein called hemoglobin. This iron containing molecule binds oxygen as oxygen molecules enter blood vessels in the lungs and transport them to various parts of the body. After depositing oxygen to tissue and cells, red blood cells pick up carbon dioxide for transportation to the lungs where carbon dioxide is expelled from the body.


Simply put, when we do your cardio test we are testing the ability of your heart to pump blood and oxygen to the working muscles and ability for those muscles and heart to recover from the stress they’ve been put under, by clearing out carbon dioxide and waste products from muscle contractions. The factors that can influence the results are athletic background, medications, stress, etc.


3-minute Step Test                                                     VO2 Treadmill Test(no mask for asmnt.)


This information gives us a good gauge of your starting point, and where we can guide you to based upon your needs and goals you would like to achieve with us, through proper programming of intensity zones and progression of intensity based upon further assessments and other testing options(RMR&VO2)  we offer will guide you toward all of your goals.


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