One step to preventing cardiovascular disease is by getting your blood pressure regularly checked. Blood pressure is also known as the “silent killer”, cause without a screening it can go undetected without symptoms, until bigger problems arise, increased blood pressure can also lead to higher risk of heart failure and stroke.

Blood Pressure monitor
Now that we know the importance of blood pressure and what can happen if we just let it fall by the wayside, let’s find out what blood pressure is. Blood pressure is the amount of pressure pumped out from the heart into the arteries (systolic) and also the amount of pressure in the arteries in between heart beats (diastolic). A normal blood pressure is 120/80 start creeping above this number and you begin to fall into hypertension stages and go below this number and you fall into hypotension stages.
Hypotension can also come with its own set of issues like lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. Hypotension can occur due to blood loss, infection and also lack of nutrients which is listed later for higher blood pressure, which in the case of lower blood pressure anemia can be an issue and the person may require more B12 considering everything else checks out.


“What steps can we take to keep blood pressure low?”
-Exercise; Exercise can help strengthen the heart, lowering the amount of pressure on the arteries and also help release stored tension or stress that can lead to higher blood pressure.
– Nutrition and Supplements(if needed); Magnesium helps relax arterial walls, Arginine and Vitamin C can help relax and dilate blood vessels and Vitamin C can also help with blood viscosity. Potassium may also help if you have a sodium imbalance. These can be obtained through your nutrition or diet and you may add them as supplements well.
-Stress; Managing stress can help in the blood pressure department as well, mediation and journaling may help in this area with letting go of control or whatever maybe needed in the situation, a peaceful mind state helps minimize nutrient deficiencies by not staying in the “fight or flight” mode and also lowers inflammation rates. (For more check out coach’s corner)


Blood pressure monitoring is a regular part of our assessment process at Total Being Fitness, so you will be fully aware of where you stand in regards to blood pressure and many other health standings.


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Brian Aemisegger A.C.E. (American Council of Exercise) C.P.T

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