Days per week Price per Session Testing, 1st month
RMR and VO2
Testing, 2nd month
RMR and VO2
1 $80* $25 each, expl. $25 each, expl.
2 $70* $25 each, expl. $25 each, expl.
3 $65* $25 each, expl. $25 each, expl.


Non-Member Testing Package Price per Session RMR and 8 week Meal Plan VO2 and
8 week Cardio Plan
$80* $100 $100

*Except for one month commitment, $85/session regardless of days per week. We ask for a 3 Month Minimum Commitment – You are asking for a change to your DNA to improve your health. That doesnt not happen in one month. It will take at least 3 months to see these changes. If you can commit to that, we will commit to you.