“You can push yourself or be pushed by the universe. By pushing yourself you are willingly sacrificing. By being pushed you are forced to sacrifice.” 


We find that most people do not achieve their fitness goals because of:

  • Spiritual – Due to a lack of belief in self
  • Emotional – Stress (external from the past, present and future)
  • Physical – Lack of education of what fitness truly is (quick fixes)
  • Social – Toxic relationships (a lack of social support)
  • Intellectual – Too busy, not enough time for self, work, work, work

On top of that, the typical fitness gym experience includes these things:

  • They are either Crowded or Empty, but either way you feel like you are on your own
  • Connecting with others is not “safe” or comfortable and/or because there is a lack of positive connection.
  • Lots of equipment, but little-to-no proper training on how to use it
  • Improper programming
  • Lack of assessments and progressions

How can you win with this already against you?

Our founder, Anthony Moses, observed a phenomenon of people losing weight and reaching their goals only to gain the weight back due to other elements of their life being out of balance (ex. Emotional, social factors).  It was hard for him to bear and he knew he could do something about it.  That’s when Anthony set out to create a solution for his clients that got results: Total Being Fitness.


The Total Being Fitness approach supports the entire person:

  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Social

Creating balance with all five elements supports you to be your best you, do what you are inspired to do, and have the life experiences you want to create. Without this balance, something will always be “off” and even though you get results in one area, ignoring the other areas will hold you back in some way.

So what is the environment and experience we create for your success?

The Total Being Fitness Difference:

  • Private, non-judgmental environment
  • Laser focused on doing full assessments, progressions and programming
  • Also focusing on nutrition and cardio
  • Week 1: Assess, Week 4: Progress, Week 8: Re-Assess
  • Trainers practice mindfulness, empathy and compassion meeting you exactly where you are
  • Clean, private, individual showers
  • Juice Bar, small lounge and welcoming environment
  • Most of all, the family oriented, caring and nurturing environment. We truly love our clients and their results.

Call us and get total being fit today!

As coaches we help people address their problems and stresses and transform them into an opportunity for change.