Check out what you have to say about Total Being Fitness and the results you produced working with us! Note that some of these videos refer to us using our previous names: A.M. Total Being Fitness and Creating Balance. Either way, it’s the same company, same philosophy, and same results. We just keep looking for ways to hone our message and brand.

Based on recent surveys of the Total Being clientele, they have anonymously given their opinions…
People come for the environment, experience and energy. Most of our clientele have been training with us for so long that they can train themselves efficiently, but at the end of the day, that is not why they continue coming back. People want to feel good and we provide that here at Total Being Fitness.
We educate our clients and they appreciate that. 100% feedback shows they understand it and can efficiently explain their training program.
To validate the holistic approach Total Being takes, we asked our clients, do you understand the total being? If so, explain. And so they did.

“Total Being encompasses a full spectrum approach to health. Covering physical, emotional and spiritual interrelationships and how they affect the body.”


This is my 7th week training with Total Being Fitness. Today we reached our goal of 15 lbs. of fat loss. The main thing was he helped me change my thinking about myself, what I eat and how to treat my body. For example, when I looked at food labels in the past all I did was check fat, carbs, and calories. Now, I look at all the active and inactive ingredients and additives. Now, my rule is, the longer the list of inactive ingredients the worse the product is, and I avoid these.

I’ve pretty much stopped Diet Coke. I used to drink up to 2 to 3 servings a day and now I may have a sip or even none a week. White sugar and breads are out as well. With these changes, my largest achievement is that my blood pressure is a lot better. My doctor advised me to cut my dose in half, from 1 tablet per day to a half a tablet per day. I’m still moving ahead, my goal is to lose 40 more lbs. by the summer. I’m very glad to be working out at TBF.


I am writing this to thank Total Being Fitness for designing a program that fit me. I struggled for years trying to get fitter and doing the diet exercise thing to no avail. With TBF they designed a program that addressed my issues and determined the root cause was too much stress in my life. A plan was formulated to attack the stress. The plan worked, my cortisol levels (the stress hormone) had been elevated for years, and they are now in the low normal range. Reducing cortisol levels allowed me to drop thirty pounds. TBF gave me a safe non-judgmental supportive environment which enabled me to figure out how to deal with the stress in my life. The stress in my life is still there but the way I react to it has changed. Thank you.


I first started out at Total Being Fitness about three years ago. I was overly stressed and frankly miserable. After training with TBF, I became not only physically fit but mentally enlightened. His positive energy and personal relationships they develop with their clients go the extra mile. I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life–it all starts with you! What you put out in
the universe is what you get back. I can honestly say that training with TBF has changed my life, and I look and feel better than I ever have before.


I started training at Total Being Fitness 10 months ago in an effort to reverse a diagnoses of Type 2 diabetes. I have been quite pleased with the progress as recently my diabetic medication was reduced 75% and one of my heart medications completely eliminated and another cut in half. I have more energy, my weight is reducing, my muscle tone is much better, and my improved posture is greatly reducing lower back pain. I highly recommend Total Being Fitness’s approach to holistic training and health!


It will be a year now that I started working out at Total Being Fitness. I’m a mom of two and my life us my family, I strive to be the best mom and wife that I can be. After my second child I was struggling and began suffering from anxiety and decided to start taking something for it. I had stopped taking care of myself because I was no longer a priority. I was eating once a day, drinking a pot of coffee sometimes more and my sugar intake was steadily increasing… because I was exhausted. I gained weight, couldn’t handle stress, suffered with lower back pain and achy joints and could barely make it up the steps without being winded. It finally hit me I have to make a change. I can’t be the mom and wife I need to be for my family if I don’t take care of ME! I couldn’t keep going on like this.

I knew when I walked into this gym that this was where I needed to be. I felt understood and respected as someone coming in for help. I was given the tools and the motivation I needed to improve myself and start making a change. After only a couple of months I began seeing a huge improvement in my overall wellbeing. Mentally I was seeing a huge change enough so that I stopped taking my medication. Everyone who works here has been an important part of this process for me because they are all so supportive. I’m especially grateful for the guidance and support of Anthony and my trainer Sam because I am healthier than I’ve been in my life, mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s changed me and now I feel I’m just a better version of myself.


In October 2011, I was diagnosed with first stage ovarian cancer. Two days later I had a total hysterectomy and six months later started chemotherapy. March 9th of 2012 marked my last chemo treatment.

I was very weak, short of breath with very little exertion, not thinking clearly, and I gained 25 pounds during the summer. I had no motivation, not even to swim in my own backyard pool. My balance was precarious so walking outside on uneven sidewalks was dangerous for me.

In October of 2012, my daughter who is a physical therapist brought me to Total Being Fitness / Creating Balance. My first impression was very positive and I made an appointment for an evaluation and began training two times a week. I found the place to be exceptionally clean, all the equipment worked, and it was a very positive environment. There is continuity with each trainer. They started me at my own personal level and increased intensity as I tolerated. My total well being was always their first concern.

Regular one on one wellness coaching sessions with Anthony Moses stressed the importance of getting at least 8 hours sleep, drinking adequate water daily, eating regularly, reducing stress, and trusting in God. Believe it or not I found that I needed to eat more each day to lose weight and inches and to plan my meals and snacks. Treating myself like a guest in my own home seemed like a novel idea. I made a monthly meal and snacks plan, shopped for it and then stuck to it.

I am now eight months into my healthy fitness plan and enjoying it. I recommend to anyone that this is the place to be!!



This Holistic “club” has become the most essential part of my life. When Anthony Moses put his dreams into reality, I did not know he was also doing the same thing for my own dreams. I wanted to find peace in my life and I am obtaining this through physical, spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual fitness that I get here at Total Being Fitness / Creating Balance.

Anthony and his trainers have given me hope that all my goals are attainable, even though they are life setbacks. Anthony (the owner himself!) does wellness coaching and goal setting. This has helped me stay on track and be mindful of myself in and out of the club. The trainers teach me about nutrition and staying focused along with correct body positions for muscles to react optimally while exercising.

Their massage therapist has THE most magical hands. She is so in tune to her clients, she feels every knot and tension in every muscle. Coming out of one of her sessions put me in a most relaxed state of being. I have also learned about yoga meditation. What an experience! To be in touch with my inner self, to truly go beyond and find understanding.

Throughout my adult life I have searched for peace, even to the extent of trying multiple Christian religions and multiple health clubs. Finally, I have found the way to peace was in finding myself by understanding my own physical, spiritual and nutritional needs through the guidance of Anthony and his trainers.

I was asked, “Why do I come to Total Being Fitness / Creating Balance?” My answer was simple, “So I can live.”



Two years ago I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of bone cancer. I have been working out for 38 years and I thought my world would come to an end. Once I started chemo I gained weight, could not run and was unable to lift weights. Thankfully, though, there were three programs that helped me with my come back:

1) Assessment: This helped me to challenge myself to make improvements with my flexibility, endurance, strength, energy & nutrition.
2) Coaching: This helped me to improve my health and drive my spiritual development and individual potential.
3) Cardio Program: I burned more calories, made my heart stronger, increased my lung capacity and reduced stress.

As of 4/30/2013, I lost 3 lbs. and 2.5% body fat. On 5/18/2013 I completed a 5k in 47 minutes. These 3 programs help me reach my goals!