wclogoThe Five Elements of the Total Being

Below you will find basic descriptions of the 5 different elements that make up the Total Being.  These are the things that we should be aware of, and in tune with, in order to center ourselves on a daily basis:

Spiritual Meditation, prayer, being grateful, having patience. These all help us to be more understanding of what we feel within ourselves and those around us.

Emotional The mind travels to the past and sometimes to the future.  Being aware of where our mind travels to and understanding how it makes us feel will help us create more balance within ourselves.

Physical Our body is our vehicle in this life.  We maintain our cars so they run efficiently and for as long as we can drive them for.  Why not take care of our bodies so they run efficiently and long?

Social Our social surroundings are also our support system.  You want to surround yourself with positive, caring and loving people.  Remember to communicate with your spouse, friends and family and pay attention to how you feel before and after social interactions.

Intellectual Managing our daily lives.  Planning our weeks ahead in order to keep our personal and work lives organized, creating routines that will help keep balance throughout the week.

“Good coaches look at people who are struggling and see the possibility and opportunity for healthy change, even transformation.”

– Unknown

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a choice – a decision you make to move toward optimal health

Wellness is a way of life – a lifestyle you design to achieve your highest potential for wellbeing

Wellness is a process – a developing awareness that there is no endpoint, but that health and happiness are possible in each moment, here and now

Wellness is a balanced channeling of energy – energy received from the environment, transformed within you, and returned to affect the world around you

Wellness is the integration of body, mind and spirit – the appreciation that everything you do, and think, and feel, and believe has an impact on your state of health and the health of the world

Wellness is the loving acceptance of yourself

-John W. Travis, MD, MPH